Safeguarding Student Data

Protecting institutional data

Every employee is responsible for protecting institutional data and understanding the laws governing the release of data.

Tips for safeguarding student data

  • Know who has access to storage locations before you save restricted or critical data. Do not store sensitive data in locations that are publicly accessible from the Internet. If you can access it without a password, so can others.
  • Mobile or portable devices even for email use should be protected by a passcode and encrypted. Laptops, smart phones, and memory sticks can be lost or stolen, and if unencrypted can result in a data breach.
  • Follow IU's passphrase requirements and NEVER share your passphrase, use it for other services, or save it in memory!
  • If sensitive data is no longer needed, don't retain it! Know your department's retention and disposal policies.
  • Be on the lookout for phishing scams.

Forward suspicious emails to

  • Run anti-virus and anti-malware tools routinely and alert IT staff if you encounter issues.
  • Do not use unencrypted wireless connections when working with or sending sensitive data. VPN and IUAnyWare are secure options.
  • Do not send confidential data in an email unless the data is encrypted using slashtmp for critical data or CRES.

For more information on protecting IU data, please visit: Data Management at IU