Share Your Information

Sharing your information with family members

We understand that many students wish to share information with their parents and family members, so we have created a method which allows you to provide third party access to this information. Students have the ability to authorize another person to view specific types of personal information in the Student Information System (SIS) through One.IU. Individuals granted third party access will have the ability to view personal information such as financial aid award and summary information, descriptions of holds on records, grades, unofficial transcripts, and class and final exam schedules. This access does not authorize the third party to receive information from the university by any other method, such as: phone, email or in-person visits. Your information may be viewed only through the 3rd Party User Access app in One.IU.

View how do I assign third party access

Students may also provide written consent to release information for employment, advising, or even research which allows them to waive their right of privacy by specifying what records may be shared and with whom.

Contact the Office of the Registrar at your campus for more information regarding Release of Information to a third party.